Attachments by Typing the path manually with autocomplete in the Attachments Manager Tab

hello zotero community,

in info, notes, tags, related, "add [attachments]"
it would be nice to have an attachments manager tab, here i can drag+drop files or add using url/link by typing (which i think is faster than the mouse clicks)

thank you!
  • IIRC such a tab was remove a couple of years back because it created confusion and no added benefit.

    The drag and drop works in the center panel. Adding a link by typing is possible using attach link to URI in the attachment menu.
    Adding an attachment isn't possible by typing only - I guess that could be done, but I kind of doubt there's much of a demand.
  • hello adamsmith,

    thanks for your help, drag+drop is not possible in linux, adding attachment using only the keyboard with autocomplete would be the second best for this. i was thinking of a vim-like approach to this so i wouldn't use the mouse as much as possible.
  • you can use keyboard only on linux, actually:
    1. Select item in the middle panel (you can do that using tab and up/down arrows
    2. Press the Menu key (between the right alt and ctrl keys) to open the context menu and select attachment --> attach stored copy of file
    3. The regular file selection dialogue will open. I don't know debian stable, but I'd be pretty sure that you should be able to get a location bar where you could type (and tab for autocomplete) to add items per keyboard. You certainly can in Nautilus.
  • hello adamsmith,

    thanks for your suggestion, i can use it for one or two items the most, having the attachment manager tab, i can just jump to it and then add attachments from there.
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