Subsequent citations referring back to first occurence?

I have just been tasked with coming up with a csl style for a German publisher which includes a specification I had not come across yet. They specify no bibliography at the end, all info to be included in footnotes (so far, I am ok with that). Then they want subsequent occurences of citations to refer back to the first occurence, using the note number and page:

"Berns, Neuber, Seelenmaschinen (wie Anm. 3), S. 15."

Am I right in thinking this is not currently possible with csl? I know it's feasible with biblatex, but can't work out how to do it for csl.
I suppose if that's not possible, I'll code the rest of the style and leave subsequent cites with blanks for note numbers and pages, to be filled in in final copy
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    Am I right in thinking this is not currently possible with csl?
    I'm sure this is one of those rare occasions where you're actually happy to be told that you're wrong:
    This is possible with regular CSL 1.0 and Zotero (and I assume the other csl implementations) using
    <text variable="first-reference-note-number"/>
  • @adamsmith, that would give you the note number, but not the page on which that note resides.
  • Brilliant - that sorts out my writing for them using Zotero and means they can then distribute the style for other uses.
    Oh, just to check - that has the note number covered. They want the page of the occurrence as well (which strikes me as daft). That probably won't work automatically, will it? Too tied up with the word-processing end which Zotero doesn't touch ?
  • correct, page number isn't possible and almost certainly can't be done automatically with Word/LO (bibtex probably can since it's integrated more tightly with LaTeX) - I had misread this and thought the S. 15 was a regular locator.
  • right, thanks to both of you.
    I'll code the style with referrals back to the note and blanks for the page (which strikes me as reasonable anyway, seeing as they will reformat stuff and thus change pages in the process)
  • I have sometimes thought that it would be interesting to extend CSL to support page references as well. In the word processor environment it may not be feasible to implement it (so in that case it might render as "__" anyway), but if a CSL variable for it were available, a CSL processor could come pretty close to doing what the various BibTeX utilities do.
  • first-reference-note-page?
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