Open Journal Systems translator

I think I sometimes see OJS websites giving me correct Zotero imports, but often they don't work and give an uninformative error message.

For instance this one:
Zotero does detect something, but I get a "could not save item" message every time. What could that be, and is it fixable in the translator or is it a problem on the site side?
  • remember 6. here:
    Zotero correctly detects the DOI, but it's not registered with CrossRef

    However, the site also has embedded metadata that works. If you're using Zotero for Firefox, you can right-click on the URL-bar icon and select "Save to Zotero using 'Embedded Metadata'" - that does work. That option isn't yet available in the connectors.

    It would be relatively quick to write a dedicated translator for the site, but someone would have to do it.
  • I wrote a quick translator for OJS. It performs only slightly better over Embedded Metadata translator and does not support many sites (I could not find a way to identify most of the sites as OJS websites), but for the sites it does recognize, it will save you a right-click.
  • (the right-click option is also not available (yet?) in the connectors, so this is very much worth it).
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