After deleting a child item (link, note), keep parent item selected

I have a small usability request:

When I delete a child item (say, a note I've added to an article), Zotero returns me to the "all items view" and selects the first item in the list. I thus have to scroll through the entire collection/library list to find the item again that I'm currently working on.

This is very bad usability - when I delete a child item, Zotero should by default return to the parent item (ie. select it and show the details in the right item detail pane), rather than to select the first item in the current collection!
  • This was just a bug—it was supposed to retain the selection position (and did for top-level items, just not child items). Fixed for 3.0.8.
  • excellent. Thanks for fixing this (and for the prompt forum response). This will make my life a lot easier.

    Waiting for 3.0.8 to arrive...
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