Should titles that are published in all-caps be transformed to title case for citations?

Perhaps someone with a better handle on citation styles can answer this.


The "sub-title" is published in all caps. Is that how it should appear in the citation, or should this be converted to title case?

As another example,

The title in the PDF appears in all upper case, but the website displays it in title case. I've seen some other cases where all-upper-case titles are in sentence or title case on PubMed.

I'm mostly asking to figure out how to handle these in site translators.
  • In a slightly related note:

    Does the * belong to the title?
  • 1. No title should ever be kept in all caps (see e.g. the citation of the article in the bib here: )
    Even the styles - mostly or exclusively non-English- that require titles to be kept "as is" don't extend that to all caps.

    2. No, the asterisk is like a footnote next to the title and is not part of it.
  • Thanks for the clarification. I wouldn't trust the bibliography of the linked article though since some authors in there appear in all-caps, but I do trust your opinion on this.

    Off topic:
    You have the most confusing username. Your name on github appears as Sebastian Karcher, which I assume is the real name, but your username indicates something completely unrelated. I'm just wondering how to address you :-)
  • Sebastian or adamsmith are both fine. I use a nome de plume because it's fun and I like Adam Smith (the philosopher & social scientist) and to avoid coming up via googling for my real name, but I have no need nor desire for actual anonymity.
  • I don't know what's the best place to report this: (the title is imported in all-caps).
  • fixed, thanks.
    Your copy of Zotero will auto-update within 24hs or you can update translators immediately by clicking "Update Now" in the General tab of the Zotero preferences.

    Here is fine, as is any of the other threads on this or a new one.
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