Is it possible to import citations from an GEDCOM file?

If so, is there a how-to page somewhere that describes how it’s done?

If not, is there a team working on it?
  • no and no.
    There is some documentation on translator development here:
    you can ask questions to the zotero dev list here:

    I don't think anyone who isn't either involved in genealogy or paid is going to take this up.
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    I haven't been allowing myself to be involved in genealogy for several years.

    That said, I'm puzzled by your question. GEDCOM still isn't very friendly to source data. So, you are at the mercy of both the limitation of the GEDCOM system and the attention to detail paid by the author of the file. Are you trying to use Zotero to extract both the genealogy and the source data to write a genealogy narrative? If so, you would be bringing in all the birth death etc dates and places into the notes field. That wouldn't make the narrative writing very easy.

    Even if you only want to extract the sources used in the GEDCOM, you will be frustrated by the lack of consistency in the source metadata as there is no standard for exactly entering the publication information.

    When I left about 7 years ago there were genealogy software programs that did this sourcing and narrative shell writing very well. I was using TMG. The genealogy specialty software allowed me to attach references to each data item along with the data itself. I use Zotero for all my writing and an intermediary import/export tool between publishers and an online bibliographec database that is the focus of my job. Zotero is wonderful for its purpose. However, I can't see how Zotero will ever be as good for genealogy work as software designed for genealogists.

    With genealogy I learned to _never_ trust anyone's data and cited sources. There were too many errors and outright lies. ("Carroll's "I've said it thrice. What I tell you three times is true." applies to too many genealogists.) I used data from Ancestry only as a hint to direct me in my own quests for primary sources. Given that there was little concistency in the way other people entered their data on sources, to avoid a reference list with the same source being represented several ways; I always entered my source information by hand.

    Edited for spelling & typos -- was writen on a tablet.
  • As originally queried, only citations and only, which does, in fact, have a consistent citation format (although I haven't examined if they export consistently).
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