Groups and 'This item no longer exists..."

Hi all,

I am using Zotero 3 in a collaborative project with 6 colleagues. We set up a Zotero group and synced all the references in the group. Each of us wrote a part of the doc citing from the group refences.
Strangely, we keep getting the 'This item no longer exists..." problem. Each one of us is facing this, and even if one tries to fix it by selecting each entry manually, the next person faces the same problem from the beginning.
Checking on Zotero help, it seems that Zotero groups should prevent exactly this kind of problems...
Any suggestion on how to proceed?
  • Hi,

    I am experiencing the same problem...please help me

  • I'm facing the same problem. Please help.
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    You have to select the version of the reference from your group library (not your "My Library"). Alternatively, you can check the box in the document preferences window that says "Store references in document," but then other users won't be able to modify the references (although they will be able to add new citations and to add subsequent citations of the existing references, provided you're not using the "Classic Add Citation Dialog").
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