Created New Style: Teologia Catalunya

I've created a new style based on the official Handbook of Style of:
- Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya
- Facultat de Filosofia de Catalunya (Universitat Ramon Llull)
- Associació Bíblica de Catalunya
- (and ten more theological academic institutions)
(See recomanats/LLibre_estil.pdf )

The .csl file link is:
I've followed the instructions in

Can you, please, put it in the style repository? Thanks!
  • thanks, a couple of things:
    1. Why did you include the entire locale for es and ca with the style? There is no need for that, those are included in Zotero and other CSL implementations. You only need to re-define terms that you need changed from the default.
    2. The category citation-format should be note, not numeric.
  • Thanks, adamsmith.
    1. I started this style when the locale for Catalan didn't exist and the Spanish was incomplete. Now I've edited it according your indication.
    2. Corrected.
    I expect it's Ok now:
  • Hello,
    do I need any other step to have my style in the repository?
  • no, I'm just behind, you're good
  • it's up. I changed et-al-min in the bibliography to 7 - having et-al-min and et-al-use-first be the same value doesn't make any sense - it means that for an article with 6 authors you have all six listed and then et al - which makes no sense. Everything else looks great.
    (I think I also changed the indenting to the standard on the repository, so please base any future edits on the style in the repository).
  • @javimat, does this style differ in any way whether the style locale is "es" or "ca"? I could set the default-locale of the style to Catalan (see ).
  • Thanks a lot.
    @Rintze: This style will be used either in Catalan and Spanish. The style itself don't differ. But I'm not sure what the "default-locale" do.
  • javimat - the default locale determines which terms are used - e.g. if the default locale is English
    <label form="verb" text-case="lowercase"/> for an editor is
    "edited by," if it's Spanish it's "editado por" with the default locale set to Catalan it's "editat per"

    Without a default locale set in the style, Zotero will use whatever is the language of the user's Firefox or OS (for standalone).

    So the question - if I understand Rintze correctly - is whether those types of terms would be different for Spanish and Catalan articles in the journal - my sense is that they would be, but please confirm.
  • Yes, the terms are different in every language. So, better without default.
  • Then we'll leave the style as is. Thanks!
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