Problem Importing a Snapshot

When I try to create a snapshot from this page it seems to import fine, but I get a "file not found error" when I try to view it--see Zotero error report 504892591. I was able to save the page as a PDF file, but is there anything I can do to the html file to display the snapshot? Thanks!

P.S. The link above seems to revert to the regular page for the article, but I'm actually trying to import the "print view" version.
  • There's a JavaScript redirect on the printer-friendly page, so when you try to load the snapshot, it tries to redirect to the nonexistent main page. You can edit the HTML file to remove the JS block in the section, and it'll load fine.

    This sort of thing would be another reason to disable JavaScript in snapshots.
  • Thanks! It worked perfectly. Disabling JavaScript in snapshots seems like a good idea.
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