Maintaining bibliography in order of citation

Frequently in scientific journals, citations are assigned numbers, that increase incrementally each time a new source is cited (you can see this method in action on any of Wikipedia's 'featured articles'). This format is required of me now for my masters thesis. So that adding a new reference to the beginning doesn't disrupt the system, some way of dynamically linking references (so that they maintain the same key identifier but change number according to their order of occurrence) in a document is needed. Is that possible in Zotero?
  • To answer my own question, it is possible when OpenOffice interfaces with Zotero. I don't know how I got them to interface or if they just detected each other automatically, but the buttons exist and it all runs very smoothly (so far).
  • At some point you must have added the open office plugin. You can get the same functionality with the word plugin.
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