Sort Last Name (e.g., La Porta)


I'm referring the the Academy of Management Journal citation style, but the problem also appears in other styles (e.g. Harvard):

For instance, the name "Rafael La Porta" includes the first name "Rafael" and the last name "La Porta." However, the above citation styles consider the "P" as relevant letter for sorting. How can I change the style so that it sorts according to the first letter of the last name, which would be "L"?

  • technical answer:
    set the option demote-non-dropping-particle to "never" on cs:style

    non-technical answer:
    If you can provide an example from the journal or its style guide that La Porta should be under L we can fix this on the repository.
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    Thanks! I included one sample article in Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) that has "La Porta" in the reference list (and sorted under "L"):

    Wan, W. P., & Hoskisson, R. E. 2003. Home country environments, corporate diversification strategies, and firm performance. Academy of Management Journal, 46(1): 27–45.

    Also, I'm not sure why "La Porta" should be sorted as "P"? Is there a special rule for this?

    Thanks again!
  • different styles have different rules for sorting composite last names. I'll try to do this asap.
  • done for academy of management
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