A mini guide to Sort Bibliography by Reference Type

  • Why not just use the actual CSL type “interview”?
  • I want to differentiate between Interviews which I have led myself and Interviews by other scholars which have been published.
  • Hello,

    I didn't actually succeed in getting the bibliography I wanted following your suggestions above, but found this useful (especially: functioning!) way to separate the primary from the secondary bibliography in Zotero: https://gouldguides.carleton.edu/zotero/sort-by-cateogory
    However, I would like for this to work in the “short title subsequent”-Chicago Style I'm using (Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note, short title subsequent)(2020-04-26 18:22:50)). Is there already such a style available or how can I safely edit one of these two styles? I have absolutely no experience with programming/writing codes and wouldn't want to completely ruin one of these styles!

    Thank you very much!
  • @iverbear Please start a new thread with your question saying exactly what you want to do
  • Dear @adamsmith thanks for your great input.

    I've done what you suggested earlier in this thread ' June 10, 2012 edited March 9, 2017' -- I tried to create a macro to sort bibliography.

    I use ZOTERO+JURISM (because im a law academic)

    I am using JM OSCOLA Style.

    I incorporated your macro paying attention to put it in the right place, ie. mutatis mutandis, because I know you were basing your suggestion on a Chigago style.

    I saved and implemented and changed style and it's the right style.

    But when I click on ADD/EDIT BILIOGRAPHY on ZOTERO TAB in MSWORD - it generates a bibliography as though I didn't add anything ie. not sorted.

    by the way: what does sort-tab mean? does this mean I should have a sort option somewhere or is the sorted biblio supposed to be generated automatically?

    MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!
  • @bwiernik any suggestions? re above? please?
  • Did you change the style title and id after editing, install your new style in Jurism, and then select that in your document?
  • i have always been using the normal zotero but i came across that in Juris M was recommended in legal studies for both UK and US, i cant see to make it adopt the UK style followed with oscola what am i doing wrong?
  • I believe it will be really helpful if Zotero provides a general option within program to categorize bibliography references according to all available types (books, book sections, journals, reports, etc...). Users can then easily combine some types if needed or re-order the categories.
    Thanks for the great software
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