PDF full text indexing silently fails on Mac OS

Hi everyone, I just started using Zotero standalone on my MacBook today. I added a bunch of PDF file from existing folders. The PDF are added and most of them were recognized automatically. But it does not seem their content is being indexed. When I try searching for a word inside one of the PDF, the item is not found.

I have tried rebuilding the index. I have 44 documents. And the Search preference pane states the following statistics: Indeed 71, partially 1 not indexed 2, indexed words 32169. This seems rather low and my typical word count for each and every of those files is around 15000 words.

I read the other posts on the forums, but I am all new to this and they did not completely make sense. I did confirm that the files .zotero-ft-cache are being created and that they contain the full text of the PDF files, but somehow this text is not being indexed properly.
I am using Chrome extension and I mostly use Chrome for research but Firefox is also installed on my laptop.
Can anyone help?


  • Are you using the right quick search mode? The default is "Title, Creator, Year".
  • Hi Dan, thank you very much, it was that simple! I'm glad I asked!

    As I said I am pretty new to this software and I didn't see that part of the UI 8-)

    Have a great day.

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