Zotfile--Extracted Sticky Notes need original document's page numbers

Much of my research involves using PDFs that are not searchable. They are just images of pages. Since I can't highlight the text, I use the sticky note to transcribe the bit of text I want to capture, or to summarize it--and I'm very grateful to the Zotfile feature that lets me extract those notes into Zotero. The problem is, it uses the PDF's page number and not the page number that would need to be cited--the number that was on the original document page. I've used Adobe Professional to apply the proper page numbers to every page in the PDFs (things like page "i" on a table of contents, etc., though the Google Books scans might actually see it as page 8, with all the extra images scanned ahead of it.) But the usable page numbers are not extracted, even though I have it flagged in the Zotfile Preferences--Advanced Tab, to "Use actual article/book chapter page for highlighted text snippets." I am assuming this preference must deal only with highlighted text and not sticky notes--but it matters as much to me that the notes I put on a specific page are tied to the page number that was on the original book or article--and not that it happens to be the 130th page in the Google Books PDF.

I don't know if this is a bug report or a feature request, but it's very important to historians. Otherwise, we have to go to the extracted annotations and change every note, page by page. (But to the Zotfile developers, thanks that you are pulling the text over for us--a great thing. And let me also appeal to you to extract the "Text" items that PDF Expert in Ipad lets you add to a page--probably the same as the "Typewriter" feature in Adobe Professional, which lets you put words on a page that are not buried in a sticky note that has to be opened to be visible.)
  • (you'll want to post this in the Zotfile thread to make sure that the developer sees it).
  • Are you aware that you can use Adobe Professional to convert image only PDFs to searchable text?
  • I've found the OCR recognition in Adobe Professional so awful on the old historical documents that it's never safe to highlight the text. Cleaning it up would take ten times longer than retyping it. (If they can improve OCR on old fonts, many of us will be very happy.)

    I thought I was putting this on the Zotfile thread, by putting it under Add-Ins. Where do I go?
  • http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/5301/9/zotfile-zotero-plugin-to-rename-move-and-attach-pdfs-send-them-to-ipad-extract-pdf-annotations/
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