Google Drive formerly Google Docs updating bibliography

Edit: I am sorry, I saw that there is already an actual request. Interestingly I was not able to find it with the search of this forums. I found it linked in Google groups. So this Post is marked for deletion. Is there something wrong with the search feature? This post is showing up when searching the whole side, but not when searching the forums.


today we find no way to avoid using Google Docs for scientific purpose. The ability to work in real time on the same document got indispensable for us, because scientists use to work together on one document every day.

There is only one big big disadvantage in using Google Docs: The missing automatically updating bibliography. So we wanted to ask if the information found on is perhaps a little outdated and we can hope to get it in near future? I am wondering that you write it is not possible to do so, because in the linked thread WizFolio is mentioned which did this thing already a long time ago. It seems that it lost the functionality with the Google Docs changes in 2010 ( but at all they showed that it is possible.

So it you say: No, it is not possible. Where are the problems? Is there something we can do?

This is really an important issue for us, because we want to bring Google Drive and Zotero to our students. But without updating bibliography this combination is not really recommendable.

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