Library publishing - more intermediate options

I would like share (publish) my entire library with certain friends and colleagues, but currently there are only two options via the Privacy setting: don't share anything, or share everything with everyone ("Publish entire library"). This latter option seems really problematic, especially since I keep lots of PDFs of copyrighted material in my storage space. I would prefer it if I could set it to share only with followers, or even specific groups of followers (since anyone can follow you without your permission).

As a related issue, in other threads I have seen requests for the ability to share specific collections rather than one's entire library. I think this would be great, too. The group functionality is great but it's not the same as an individual's library collections.
  • For exactly the reason you specify, Zotero only shares PDFs and other attachments with private groups. If you make your library public, they won't be shared.
  • Aha, I see. I'd still like an option for a more targeted sharing of libraries or collections, which might make it possible to share attachments as well, right?
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