Managing lookup engines

I have been trying to figure out how to add lookup engines to my Zotero for Firefox 3.0.7 installation, but I'm not getting anywhere. Visiting the websites of Amazon, Pubmed, Google Scholar or PubGet doesn't add any option to the Locate menu that allows me to add them, as is described in the Manage Lookup Engines window. Does this work at all, or am I doing something wrong?

Also, there seems to be a bug in the Toggle button behavior. It toggles all lookup engines, instead of individual ones.
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    You can only add locate engines that supply them. At the moment, I'm not sure any sites do, so AFAIK the only options are the locate engines that come with Zotero and the example locate engine on that page. I'll look into the toggle issue when I'm back at a computer.
  • I also think that some of the entries in the Locate menu don't really belong there. I would expect "Manage Lookup Engines…" to be an option in the Zotero preferences, and 'Add " Lookup"' to be an option in the right-click menu of the Zotero translator icon in the browser address bar.
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    "Manage Lookup Engines" is identical to "Manage Search Engines" in the Firefox search bar.
  • Is there something in Zotero analogous to the way Mendeley allows one to click on the PMID or DOI of an entry that is incomplete and have the reference entry automatically updated (e.g. full and short journal names, abstract, etc.)?
  • no, not currently. Generally planned, not going to happen very soon.
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