Paying by bank/wire transfer to upgrade storage

Is this possible to do? Or is it only possible with a credit card?
  • See

    "Other types of payments, such as cheques, money orders and direct bank account debit, aren't currently accepted."
  • It's only possible via google checkout - Zotero is to small to handle the overhead of direct wire transfers etc. - how google checkout allows you to pay may vary by country, I thought in the US they allow for direct withdrawal from your checking account.
  • Zotero subscribers can pay via PayPal if Google Checkout isn't supported in their billing address country (e.g. South Korea). Since it's an annoying process that requires us to process the orders manually, we don't offer it generally.

    We accept bank transfers, checks, and credit cards directly for large transactions like institutional subscriptions.

    For everyone else,the important thing to remember is that a small amount of money gets you a bunch of storage and services as an individual subscriber only because it doesn't eat up time (i.e. labor costs) on our end.
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