"This item no longer exists in your zotero database ..."

I am getting this message whenever I try to edit already entered endnotes in Word 2010 documents. I recently upgraded Firefox. What do I need to do to make Zotero recognize items I see in my library.
  • Note that this does not have to refer to the note you're trying to edit. Zotero will highlight the affected citation.
    usually this is the result of one of three things:
    1. You have deleted a duplicate copy of an item, but it happened to have been the copy that you inserted in the document. For you it would look like you have the item in your library - but not for Zotero
    2. You exported your library and imported it - after doing this, Zotero will not recognize any citation in documents predating the import/export
    3. Someone else inserted items in the document.

    You should just replace the items in question.
  • Thanks, I can see that now and was able to make corrections quickly. A reminder not to clean out my Zotero duplicates without being more careful!
  • if you use Zotero's duplicate detection and merge function, you don't run this risk.
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