Nitpick: removing "Duplicate Items" and "Unfiled Items" collections

I just noticed that right-clicking the "Duplicate Items" and "Unfiled Items" collections offers the option "Remove". I was wondering if this action was reversible, and indeed, selecting "Show Unfiled Items" from the "My Library" right-click menu restores the collection after removal.

To avoid confusion and indicate that the removal is reversible, maybe it makes sense to change the option for these two collections from "Remove" to "Hide"?
  • Also, wouldn't it be clearer to use "Remove Selected Item(s) from Collection" instead of "Remove Selected Item(s)" when right-clicking item(s) in the center pane when a collection is selected in the left column? There have been multiple reports of users that are confused by the remove and delete options.
  • Yes to both.
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