Missing attachment file due to premature automatic sync

I have located an issue that might cause missing attachments on the server. It seems that if automatic sync starts before an attachment file has been completely downloaded, the file will never be uploaded to the server.

How to replicate:

1) Use a slow internet connection or database with slow downloads and locate an article with a long scanned PDF.

I used this article with a 26MB attachment from EBSCO


DOI: 10.1002/smj.260

2) Switch automatic sync on

3) Import the article normally

What happens is that automatic sync starts before the attachment has been downloaded completely. The attachment entry is created on the server, but the file is not uploaded.

4) After the download finishes, sync manually

At this point I would expect Zotero to upload the attached file, but it is not uploaded.

The item that I used for testing is located in this private group.


Also, it would be nice to have some kind of progress indicator or an icon in the item list showing if an attachment file is still downloading. Now the entry for an attachment appears when the attachment has started downloading and clicking on the attachment before the download finishes causes "File cannot be found" dialog. This makes one to think that the file download has failed, when it actually is still downloading.
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