Impossible to drag items and copy them into collections

Since a couple of days I am no more able to drag one or more items from the Main Library or any collection and move them to another collection.
While I can select one or more items, it is not possible to see highlighted the target collection as I pass the arrow upon it and keep the left button of the trackpad pressed.
I am using Zotero 3.0.7, but the same problem shows up even if I use the version 3.0.3, so that I suppose that the issue is not related to some changes occurred in the new version.
Any ideas?
  • If you create a new collection and try to drag a single top-level item into it, you're not able to?
  • I've created a new collection and tried to drag a single top-level item from the Main Library: noway, it doesn't work!
  • Provide a Report ID.

    Have you restarted Firefox?
  • The Report ID is 1972412917

    The typical error I get when I try to drag an item is like the following:

    [05-05 21:44:55] Torbutton NOTE: No browser found: [scrubbed]

    Any ideas?
  • I have understood what Torbutton stands for: is a Firefox extension part of the TOR software bundle ( ).

    I have disable the extension and now the dragging function in Zotero works again correctly.
    Now the question is: why on earth should Tor interfere with Zotero? It didn't happen before, hence I suppose it would be interesting to examine furthermore the issue.
  • this isn't the first time the Tor button has come up as a problem:
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