Webpage annotation & highlight deprecated

I read in the doc. web page annotation & highlight features are not maintained anymore.

Is it because of the sync feature? And, how would you replace page annotation & highlight (e.g. using notes?)

I am at the beginning creating an items collection. I tend to use both annotation and highlight extensively on saved web pages, because I find it handy. I have some concern to lose the work done, in the event highlight and markup become unsupported on a future zotero release.
  • I would look for a third party tool that allows you to annotate and writes those annotations right to the webpage. Those would then sync, too. I'm pretty sure something like that exists.
  • I see, so the reason is the sync. I was pondering going the usb way, to keep page annotations and text highlight among 2 notebooks.

    Can you confirm: these features are not developed, but will remain present in later Zotero releases, or is there a plan to remove them.
  • They may be replaced if devs find something better, yes.
    They are also unlikely to get fixed if they break e.g. because of a Firefox update - so I wouldn't rely on them for a long term research project, no.
  • I wouldn't rely on them for a long term research project

    Okay, I keep that in mind.
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