Small annoyance with the "zotero" toolbar icon

Zoetero addon 3.0.3

I don't use the FF toolbar. I call zotero from the "z" icon I placed next to the address bar. Every time I open the browser, the FF toolbar pops-up with the zotero icon.

Any addon icon in the toolbar can be removed or re-located for convenience, but the zotero icon.

Even if a user inadvertently delete an icon on the toolbar by mistake, it is still available in the "customize" window. I don't think it is too hard to drag it back on the toolbar? (that's possibly the reason why this icon is protected).

Could you unlock the icon, and allow users to remove or re-located it? I am aware it's a detail for some, but it itches.
  • You can remove the add-on bar icon from the General pane of the Zotero preferences.

    The icon in Zotero 3.5 will be a proper add-on bar icon that can be moved/removed.
  • I had missed this option in the preferences. It is fine now.
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