undefined error when style not found, and attendant UI problems

Here's a problem with CSL styles in documents used on different systems.

1. On system A, tweak a CSL style, rename it, and add it to Zotero.
2. On system A, edit a Word doc using the tweaked style. Cite some stuff, then save.
3. On system B, open the Word doc and edit a citation. Says style not found (doesn't tell you which style it is looking for!); asks you to select a new one. Click cancel — after all you don't want to select a new style, you thought there already was one.
4. Now the Zotero dialog uglily ends with a " undefined" error.
5. Worse, anytime you want to retry this you directly get the error — you don't even get the chance anymore to select another style.

Turns out the only way to fix the problem is to select all and paste into a new document. Then it does allow you to set (and re-set) the style.

To the point. Here are my proposals to fix this thing:

1. Mention the reason the "select style" dialog is triggered (Style not found, please select another)
2. Mention which style is not found (this helps people to find out how to fix it.)
3. If selection of another style is canceled, handle this gracefully. For instance, warn that this means that references cannot be edited or added so long as a style is not defined.
4. Make it possible to do a "hard reset" of the associated Zotero data. If a wholesale copy/paste operation into a new doc can do it, the Zotero plugin should be able to do it.

(By the way, these problems would also be an argument for syncing them along with one's library perhaps, but that is another matter and I don't want this thread to be hijacked into a discussion of that.)
  • Simon has just started to address this, not sure exactly what this does, but I think at a minimum it prevents the crash in 4.

    I agree that the medium term solution should be more elegant - rather than syncing - which wouldn't help you if you're co-authoring, especially now that groups aren't need for that any more - I'm envisioning a prompt to auto-download and install the missing style (though, as opposed to syncing, that won't work with custom styles).
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