What does run-zotero.sh do?

When I open run-zotero.sh, the first line is commented out.

# !/bin/sh

What does the script do? Do I un-comment it, and run it to install ZSA?

I read on another thread, there was no installation. Simply click on the executable -- what I am doing.
  • That is the so-called "hash-bang" syntax that, on Unix systems, is customarily used to declare an interpreter to run the code inside the file. The Wikipedia page covers the subject (I now see) in excruciating detail.

    I'm not very familiar with ZSA and the way it's bundled, but that file would only be relevant on Unix and Unix-like systems (which includes Mac systems these days).
  • My OS if Fedora-Linux. When I execute the script, it does what it says: run_zotero.sh, I was wondering the difference between this script and the zotero executable. Both launch Zotero standalone.

    The confusion between a "hash-bang" and a comment line was a big one!
  • there is no official install script (or packaging like .deb or .rpm) of standalone for linux - there is an unofficial script here:
    though I don't know if that works on Fedora or only on debian-based flavors.
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    run-zotero.sh runs the Zotero binary, but also sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that if you have a different versions of the included library installed elsewhere on your system they don't override the packaged libraries. This was necessary for some older versions of Fedora that shipped with XULRunner 1.9.2. If the Zotero binary also launches, I don't think there should be any difference in behavior.
  • Simon: thank you for the explanation. I can launch ZSA with the executable.

    adamsmith: I have seen the thread. I will ask some feedback from another Fedora user, or I will try a local install, not to lose the update feature.

    Side note: Seen today on the Fedora dev. list:
    "Subject: About packaging Zotero standalone for Fedora." That's good news if it happens, from an end user perspective. I am not positive, but I guess there is a similar request on the Ubuntu side
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    Post by potential Fedora packager on this forum:

    Ubuntu packaging request here:
    Debian here:
    looks like debian might happen (and would then presumably automatically be included into ubuntu/mint etc.)
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