Style Error: Geomorphology


For the geomorphology citation style, the references cited in the text should be arranged chronologically, but are alphabetical.

"4. References in the text should be arranged chronologically."

I've got it fixed in my own .csl but it would be good to get this totally set.

Sorry, i'm not going to upload my csl file since i'm stupid about a lot of this and have already spent 1.5 hours on the citation management in the zotero interface (it took me 1.5 min to figure out the code fix, the rest of the time is the point-and-click ...)

Thanks so much for all the support!
  • thanks - that should be a quick fix, I'll get to it asap.
  • nifty - thanks!
  • A fixed version is now up. I've left the sorting in-text by author though - if you consult the actual journal, that's what they do (wrong instructions are shockingly common).
  • The revisions requested of my paper by the journal specifically said to arrange references by date (they were originally by name using the zotero csl). Are you sure you didn't just see a random paper or two that slipped through with the wrong formatting?
  • you're right, I was looking at old articles (their most cited ones in my defense). I've flipped this around, new style is up, thanks for checking.
  • Hi, I am using the Geomorphology style that was updated in 2018 but the citations are not in chronological order and it won't let me edit the style. Would it be possible to edit this please?
  • edited 18 days ago
    The Geomorphology style is just a dependent style of elsevier-harvard.csl which is why you can't edit it directly.

    "Citations may be made directly (or parenthetically). Groups of references can be listed either first alphabetically, then chronologically, or vice versa."

    "References should be arranged first alphabetically and then further sorted chronologically if necessary. "


    As far as I see it the style does this correctly.
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