Need advice with Zotero and simple text document

I have some difficulties using zotero with emails


Copy Selected Item Citations to Clipboard: Ctrl+Alt+A
Copy Selected Items to Clipboard: Ctrl+Alt+C

Preference: Export

Quick Copy: Ctrl+Alt+C
Default Output Format: [Chicago Manual of Style] (author-date)

Zotero Documentation

Drag and drop an item: Create Bibliography from selected item
Drag and drop & push Shift: Create a citation of the selected item

Fedora Linux/FF11/Zotero Addon 3.0.3

My email client is Sylpheed. It's a simple text email client. Since drag & drop don't work on Linux, my options are the Pref. shortcuts "Ctrl+Alt+A" to cite, & "Ctrl+Alt+C" to create a Reference items

First question (to cite): I can't use note styles to cite my sources (eg. APA) since I use a simple text format, can I? I should use author-date, or author-year styles only.

Second question (Reference items): To create the reference items, I select all the items in the library, and past them at the end of the document. The order will be wrong:

Either I copy and past each reference item at the right place in the document, either I copy the first items referring to the first citation in the text, then the second, and so one.

Is there another way to reference items in a simple text document or message?
  • Drag&drop of citations absolutely works in Linux - at least in Gnome it does and I think in other flavors. It's just file drag&drop that's broken.

    1. APA is actually an author-date style, but otherwise - it really depends on what you want to do. You can, e.g., manually put a number in the text and then put the note with that number at the bottom of the text. It's obviously not super convenient, but neither is using author-date citations and keeping track of which ones you have used exactly to produce a correct bibliography at the end (you would have to do the keeping track manually). If you actually want to write texts with a significant citation component, e-mail is probably not the way to go.
    The easiest would probably be to write the text in some system that supports proper citation insertion&formatting - LibreOffice with plugin, zotero-plain, lyx/lyz etc. - and then copy&paste into your e-mail. Obviously some styles will be more suitable for c&p into plain text than others.
  • Drag&drop of citations absolutely works in Linux
    You are right, I can drag & drop items, what does not work is drag & drop with Shift key pressed (to cite), at least on a LXDE desktop.
    The easiest would probably be to write the text in some system [...] and then copy&paste into your e-mail
    That's a good suggestion & thank you for the extended chapter "1.APA..." I wasn't too sure, and it's clearer now.
  • FWIW shift&drag also work in Gnome
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