Sharing data directory, addon & standalone

I am not sure if it is a good idea? I am often off-line. When I don't have internet connection, I am tempted to use Zotero standalone, because I don't open my browser. The plug-in is great when I am connected and browsing the Internet.

Can I share the same data directory, and what's the catch?

NB: I expect some problems if I forget to close the standalone, and open the browser when I am online.
  • there is no catch & it's strongly recommended.
    There is no problem using this offline. You won't be able to open Zotero in Firefox as long as Standalone is open - instead, it will work in Firefox like the connectors for Chrome or Safari, so there is zero risk of corrupting your database.
  • What a fine project. Thank you Zotero people. I am downloading the Linux standalone.
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