Cannot create note without duplicate item

Where is add selection to Zotero note?

The current options on right-clicking a page "create new item + note" creates duplicates. I return a few times to the same page (it is already saved in my library) and I select a new sentence or a new paragraph to insert in a note. I end up with many duplicate items

How do I add selection to a note, without duplicate items?
  • not with one click. You add a note, then copy&paste whatever you want in that note.
  • could you consider adding a third option in the context-menu "add selection to Zotero note"

    I know I can copy&paste, but I first have to select, or create a new note. It s not fast.

    I often see some content I want to quickly copy to a note (new note) for later, like a memo. I am not positive if it is a good way of doing, but that's the way I do, intuitively.

    The tutorial is probably outdated, but to have the possibility to copy and create a Zotero note on a simple right click, well, I like that.

    What do you think?
  • "Add Selection to Zotero Note" already exists. You just need to have a note selected in Zotero.
  • edited April 27, 2012
    Dan, thank you for the tip of selecting the note beforehand. I now can see the third saving option!
  • I just noticed today "Add Selection to Zotero Note" does not work when I use Zotero addon as PIN app, or in its own browser tab.

    Could the feature extended when Zotero addon is its own browser tab?

    It does not work either in the Standalone application.
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