Enhancement: List view position should be predictable after merging two references

Problem: After merging two references, the selection in the list view will move to either:
1. the resulting merged reference
2. the reference after the first reference that was merged
3. the reference after the second reference that was merged
2 and 3 are especially annoying if I am working through my references sequentially and the source references for merging were a few screens apart.
I have not been able to see a pattern here. However, I'd prefer if the selection would move to either the resulting reference or the reference after that.
  • I also want to it to move to the resulting merged reference. I often want to check it our or remove attachments
  • Just to clarify, this is in the normal items list, not in Duplicates view?
  • Yes I believe so. At least for I want and easy way to go to the merged item
  • I'm asking about hfricke's reported problem.
  • Yes, it is in the normal items list.
  • After watching some more merge operations I think I have found a pattern:
    The selection usually will move to the item after the one Zotero initially displays as master in the merge pane. This is not necessarily the first one being displayed in the list, hence the seemingly random behavior. Case 1 from above did not occur again.
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