Enhancement: source selectors should stay visible in merge pane

Problem: I have narrowed the space for the merge pane because of screen size constraints. Now, I want to merge two records, for example, one with a long DOI and one without any. After I select the long DOI as desired content for the DOI field, the merge pane re-formats to include a vertical scroll bar and the selector buttons for the source of the attribute get scrolled off-screen to the right and become invisible.
I think this case could be handled more intelligently by automatically moving the vertical scroll bar right to a position where the selector buttons stay visible.
The problem only occurs with field attributes not containing any spaces because these won't be word-wrapped.
  • Corection: I have not been able to reproduce this in a test case with the "DOI" field. However, I can reproduce the behavior with the "Extra" field. A single word in the "DOI" field gets truncated to the available space with "...". A single word in the "Extra" field makes the merge pane expand to the required width, causing the problem described above.

    It looks as if different fields behave differently if the content execeeds the screen space available.
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