How to copy (several) PDF in library to File Manager

  • Can you on OS X?
    Yes, as long as the file exists. Doesn't drag multiple files, though.
  • Ah, yes. You're right. I did have some (closer to all) deleted files in my list.
  • For anyone else who comes across this, I made a github repo for addressing this which you can find here:

    To test out the code, first clone the repo to your system. Then in Zotero, navigate to the collection where you want to copy the PDFs from and select all of the files in the list using CTRL + A. Then Press CTRL + SHIFT + C to copy all of the BibTex data to your clipboard. With the data in your clipboard, run the following command:

    `python3 [your_folder_name_here] --output-dir=[your_default_output_directory_here]`

    It will then copy all of the PDF files from the data you copied to the output folder you specified! If you run into any issues, feel free to open an issue on the github :)
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