Notes dropped in LO include HTML markup

OS: Fedora Linux 15 XFCE/Firefox 11/Zotero FF plugin v.3.0.3/LibreOffice 3.3.4

Enthusiastic Zotero novice user, I am half way the documentation, but I have an issue: When I drag and drop a note from Zotero to LibreOffice, the note markup <></> passes along in the document.

Zotero Note [Print screen]

Note dropped in LiO [Print screen]

My search returned: [fixed] [feature request]

Looking at the dates of the comments, it does not look too good to me. Can I have some feedback. Thanks.
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    This is probably Linux and/or Firefox and/or LibreOffice brokenness—all Zotero does is set standard data types (i.e., text and HTML), and dragging rich text to other programs works, at least on OS X and Windows.

    You don't actually need to use Zotero to test this: if you can drag rich text from a web page in Firefox into LibreOffice, it should work dragging from Zotero (or we should be able to fix it). Otherwise, it won't/we can't.

    For what it's worth, I can't actually drag to LibreOffice at all on OS X, though I'm pretty sure I could in previous versions of OpenOffice.
  • And yes, that 5923 discussion is the same issue, where fbennett and I reproduced the same HTML-copying issue on Linux, including just dragging text from Firefox.
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    I can drag rich text from FF to LO with the same result (the markup is visible in the document).

    Wouldn't be better to make possible to copy the notes to the clip board? It would be more elegant than the workaround to Ctrl+A & Crl+C each time.

    It's a matter of min. with LO Styles to re-format a note.
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    We can have Zotero's Quick Copy shortcut key copy notes when no regular items are selected (which is how dragging works), since dragging and the shortcut key are supposed to be more or less equivalent. I've created an issue for this.
  • Thanks, I am watching the topic on Github. That would solve the problem, I guess.
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