Use case: Conference posters or talks with published abstracts

I'm currently evaluating whether to switch from Endnote to Zotero. I am impressed because Zotero does most of the things I need out of the box, great job! That said, I have a somewhat tricky use case and would like to ask for advice how to achieve this with Zotero:

I need to keep track of my personal achievements, including journal papers and presentations (talks/posters) at conferences. Most conferences do not publish proceedings. Instead, only the abstract gets published in the journal of the organization sponsoring the conference.

So I would like to track both conference information (title, year, city, type of presentation) and journal-style citation information in one database item. In Endnote I used the "generic" item type, which has fields to store all the information, and a custom citation style for generic items. This way I got special formatting for presentations while leaving the formatting for journals, books and conference proceedings intact.

John Doe: "Foo'ing the bar", poster, 3.14th Congress of The Foobaristic Society, 2005. Abstract in: J Foobarism 2006;19(1): 477.

How would I do this in Zotero? There is no generic item type with all fields. Even worse, I cannot try different types because Zotero discards all fields not present in the target type.

"ConferencePaper" lacks "type of work" and "issue". Mis-using it to output journal information would also break the formatting for conference proceedings (book information). "Presentation" lacks the fields for the journal. Mis-using "journalArticle" would break the formatting for real journal articles.

Any hints would be appreciated.
  • You can use the "extra" field of the "Presentation" type for the journal (J Foobarism 2006;19(1): 477). Just a workaround.
  • @hfricke and I want to include many types of information about the publication (volume, number, year, journal name, etc.) Using the "extra" field seems a poor solution for including so many different types of information.

    Using "journal article" Item Type and somehow designating that they are abstracts, such as by placing them in their own collection, is the best idea I have but it has obvious drawbacks.
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