Inserting a citation into a table in JAMA style

Hello, I am helping someone who is using Word 2008, with the Zotero for firefox 3.0.3 and the word plugin 3.5.3. She is trying to insert a citation in JAMA style into a table cell in her paper. When she inserts a citation using the Zotero toolbar, a bright yellow "AM" appears before the number (of the citation). I have searched the forums but not seen this specific problem. Can someone tell us how to fix it?
  • hello ?
    any answer to this problems ?
    i have similar problem too.

    I use ubuntu 12.10 , firefox add-on zotero, libre office.
  • what problem exactly? Inserting references in tables works in Libre Office.
  • supposed I have tables ..
    i can only insert citation once only into cell ...
    after that, if i want to insert citation to other cell, will not work.

    tried this many times, will not work.
  • please help ...

    is there any other way around ?
  • what do you mean by "will not work" specifically? What happens. I tried this with multiple citation and it works for me.
    Under "Set Document Preferences" are you using Reference Marks or Fields?
  • ah haa ...

    finally found the problems.
    if i use "store reference in documents" will not work properly.
    so, if uncheck this option, will work (reference marks)

    this case, i reviewed papers, make document with 5 columns. each paper inserted in each row.
    each paper i marked it by inserting citation.
  • opps ...
    it does work when I tried many citation in many cells without any other text ..

    when I filled the cells with anything, long typed text ...
    the inserting citation will not work anymore.

    please help
  • you do need to tell us what "not work" means. What exactly happens?
    But also - is there no way around this? Citations in tables didn't use to work at all and it's certainly possible that LO can't handle overly long reference marks in tables.
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