Save citation & bibliography to clipboard for use with clibboard manager

When one adds a bibliography, I think one generally wants to insert the citation too. Rather than having to go back to zotero, it would be nice if both the bibliography and the citation were in the clipboard.

There are a lot of clipboard managers e.g.
which includes a GPL manager wlipper, that keep a clipboard history, and allow us to paste previous entries.

I have just installed Clipx which lets me popup a list of the last x clipboard entries with "CTRL SHIFT V," defaulting to the last but one entry. If when I saved a bibliographic item to the clipboard zotero first saved the citation, then I would be able to paste the citation too without going back to zotero.

I am having intermittent issues with clipx (not updated since 2005, the 2008 beta is better) but the principle of the above should work with any working clipboard manager.
  • We're not going to assume the use of a clipboard manager (or a particular citation workflow, for that matter). Just copy a citation and then copy a bib entry. If you're using a clipboard manager, you'll have both available.
  • That's a good idea!

    One key press would be nice but....extravagant probably.

    I'll change CTRL ATL C to CTRL ALT S so that I can do both copies (CTRL ALT A > CTRL ALT S) with the same finger.

    I don't think that one would really need to assume anything, if (a) it were an option or (2) it took so little time that those not using it would not notice.
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