Basic error, then document not saved in

I attempted to copy and paste a Zotero reference in (it seemed to have copied in plain text, as the citation could not be edited afterwards), then when I tried to "refresh" my references, I got a generic basic error and the Zotero plugin stopped working.

I did what I thought was the sensible thing to do: save document, close, and reopen. To my dismay I found that the document had not saved at all and I was stuck with a version I had saved several hours before. I'm certain there was no dialog prompting me that I had not saved it. And had there been a crash, I would have at least ended up with a backup document.

Could it be that Zotero is somehow preventing the document from being saved and then circumventing the "save before closing" alert? (I hope this doesn't happen again too many times tonight as my article is already overdue!)

Thanks, Joe
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