PDF save without snapshots / associate PDFs and another option

Perhaps this can be done already but I think not so I am posting to this forum.

Generally I would like PDFs but not all other snapshots. (Others express the same preference here
http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/1450/ )

When I turn off "Automatically take snapshots when creating items from web pages," then if I am looking at a PDF, the "Create new item from current page" will not download the pdf but rather create an item only, without downloading the pdf.

Since I am often reading PDFs and often want to add them to my zotero database I am keeping the "Automatically take snapshots when creating items from web pages," turned on resulting in a lot of snapshots that I do not need.

I am aware that I could save the pdf to disk and then use "store copy of file" or "link to file" but since I do this so often it would be nice to be able to save PDF with one click.

I have "Automatically attach associated PDFs and other files when saving items" turned on too.

It almost seems as if there might profitably be another button "download currently viewed file." Or it seems as if zotero is doing three things with one button and two options.
  • Instead of using the "Create new item" for pdfs, you can drag&drop the little icon to the _left_ of the URL (it's a red Z on this page) to get PDFs - I believe that saves the pdf even with the snapshot option disabled.
  • Thank you very much. Dragging and dropping does as you say. I will use that in future.
  • You can also Shift-click the Create New Item from Current Page button to temporarily toggle the snapshot preference.
  • Thanks for Shift click.
  • Where do I drag to? Zotero standalone?
  • The above is for Zotero for Firefox. You can try dragging to Standalone, but that might not work.
  • Because I couldn't download pdfs directly from chrome(I have proxies, don't know how to change them) I downloaded Firefox. How di I save pdf from firefox?
  • you have to install Zotero for Firefox, too, before this will work.
    Then open Zotero by clicking on the "Zotero" logo at the bottom right of the Firefox window and use either "Create new Item from Current Page" or drag&drop as described above.
  • I have installed it. I tried what was suggested in this thread. I am asking because when I click "the red Z" for example, and try to drag it, the only option available to me is creating a new window from the tab. I cannot seem to drag it to the zotero on the right bottom if that was what you were referring. I have tried right-clicking with no more success. It only saves the webpage snapshot...
  • Quit Zotero Standalond.
    Open Zotero in Firefox by clicking on "Zotero" at the bottom right.
    You should see your Zotero library at the bottom of your Zotero screen.

    You seem to be confused about what to drag, so instead, use the Create New Item from Current Page button. If you can't see that button, you don't have Zotero for Firefox open.
    Once that works I can tell you what and how to drag, but I want you to get the general idea first.
  • Okay. Quitting it and then clicking the zotero button on firefox pulled up the tab. I have tried 'Create New Item...' and 'drag and drop' and both resulted an import, or creation, of a reference with just the webpage. no pdf. I'm on proxy if that makes any difference.
  • sorry, it's kind of hard to tell what you're trying, but I think I got it now:
    The user above is talking about the following situation:
    you have a PDF open in Firefox (using a pdf plugin such as Adobe, pdfXchange, pdf.js - maybe FoxIt has one, too). Then you click the Create New Item ... button --> Zotero saves _only_ the PDF, no bibliographic data. This is not a terribly common situation, but it can be useful at times.

    If you want to save an item with an attached PDF, you'll have to use the URL bar icon. Start by trying this on the open access page I gave in the other thread.
    If that doesn't work, please describe the nature of your proxy - open access papers shouldn't get proxied in the first place, so that should never affect this.
  • edited December 29, 2012
    Oh...okay. The open source works, but only with the book button left to the bookmark button. dragging it in or adding it with 'create new...' does not do anything. What I was trying to do before was a non-open source. I don't know the nature of my proxy, but I can give you a sample link:http://www.sciencedirect.com.proxy1.lib.uwo.ca/science/article/pii/S0165247811002203
    It said to check translator, but Science Direct isn't on it.
  • what happens if you click on the URL bar icon for that page? No PDF attached or just a translator error?
    (this isn't supposed to work any other way than the URL bar icon - as I say above - the discussion about dragging in this post is for an entirely different use case).
  • Hello. Problem solved. I realized that there was a problem with my Z setting. Automatically update translators was unchecked, and now that I have ticked it, both firefox and chrome can save pdf.
    Thanks for all your help!
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