Kindle Locations

One small request, when placing an in text citation into word, the option for page, chapter, ect. is missing the option of 'Location' which is standard for kindle books. Can this be added?
  • adkleid, I agree and echo the request. In the interim, once you add the citation, you can edit it, and Word will keep your edit.

    I choose PAGE, then on the citation, change "p. 102" to "loc. 102"

    Not optimal, but it works.
  • we need an empty label there - I don't think anyone is inclined to include any of the various e-book locator systems into Zotero at this point - there is too much in flux still - but if we just had the possibility to have an empty label people could insert loc. 102 (or any other locator labor they like).

    Note that for all styles that don't use ibid. you can already get this behavior by putting "loc. 102" in the suffix field in the plugin - ibid won't work correctly doing that, though.
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