See how easy it is to configure Plone that it plays nicely with Zotero!

In spite of the intro of the article by Jan Ulrich Hasecke linked below, Plone plays nicely with Zotero out-of-the-box. He himself explains how easy it is. You only have to activate two options in the configuration and you are there.

In short:

1. Go to the Site settings (@@site-controlpanel) and tick the box »Expose Dublin Core metadata« and save. But you will see that Zotero does not store the name of the author but only the names of the contributors. This is due to a security feature of Plone. By default no information about the creator of a content item is exposed. So…

2. …head over to the Security settings (@@security-controlpanel) and tick the box »Allow anyone to view 'about' information« and save. This will expose the name of the creator as a DC.metatag which Zotero can evaluate.

Now every visitor gets the nice "book" icon in his Firefox address field when he is visiting your Plone site. Done!

See the original article to read more and see some screenshots.

There are some issues related to the point 2. to catch the name from the DC.Metadata It seems not a problem of Plone. I come back on this later if I have a solution to fix this.

Since Plone requires no PlugIns for this, but people may search for "Website Integration" on the Zotero PlugIn page, it may be worth to put a hint to this entry under a topic "Plone". Hopefully interested people may find this now by searching for Plone on the Zotero website.
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