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The site translator (NCBI PubMed2.js or PubMed Central.js) puts the identifiers PMID and PMCID into the 'extra' field. The format of the PMCID generated is incorrect, from what I can tell. The translator strips the prefix 'PMC' from the PMCID, but the format should be PMCID: PMCnnnnnnn
For example:
PMID: 21760651
PMCID: PMC3134288

At least, this is the format used by PubMed Central itself. Since citation styles in Zotero do not have any regexp substitution capability, I don't see that it is possible to automate a fix to produce the proper PMCIDs in a bibliography.
  • I'm not sure where you're getting the NCBI PubMed2.js file from or why it stores a PMCID in the extra field (NCBI PubMed translator shouldn't be storing a PMCID at all), but we can fix the PubMed Central translator.
  • The PubMed Central translator has been updated. It will update automatically within 24 hours on your computer, or you can update manually through Zotero Prefernces
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    NCBI PubMed translator shouldn't be storing a PMCID at all
    @aurimas, why? As long as we're lacking a dedicated field for PMCID, it probably still makes sense to store the PMCID along the PMID in the Extra field. The NIH requires the PMCID to be used in grant proposals, so it's handy to have this identifier on file.

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  • I just meant that it's not coded to store it. Seems like that was a custom version of the translator.
  • Oh, wait, I was confusing the PubMed Central translator with the NCBI PubMed one. I thought the latter stored the PMCID as well, but apparently not.
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