Getting "pp." for page numbers when page numbers have letters

Quite often I encounter page numbers for journal articles with a letter in front. For example S123-S145. When I try to create a bibliography in Zotero I always end up missing the second 'p' for these references.

That is, I get p. S123-S145 instead of pp. S123-S145.

Obviously a minor issue, but is there any way to avoid this?

  • I'll run a test on this. It certainly can and should work properly. Thanks for reporting; it should be fixed in the next Zotero release.
  • edited April 13, 2012
    Try installing this plugin; it replaces the Zotero citation processor with the most recent development version, which should recognize ranged alpha-prefixed page numbers as plural. If it doesn't work properly on a sample document, Zotero will revert to the current behaviour when the plugin is disabled or uninstalled. It shouldn't affect the content, but make a separate copy of your trial document before trying just in case.
  • Great. That plugin solves the problem. Thanks for your help again.
  • Excellent. It's just a temporary thing to upgrade the processor. When the next Zotero release comes out, it will contain the upgraded processor, and you can uninstall the plugin.
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