Save in the desired collection

I want to propose an amelioration which could simplify my life. When I browse Internet and found an interesting reference, I saved it into Zotero. But its save on the previous selected collection, not necessarly the good one. Especially with tab application, you need to come back, change collection, go back to our tab and save.
I would suggest an icon with a behavior identical to Firefox bookmarks. On first click, save to generic collection. On a second click, give a choice of most used collections and possibility to selected a new one.

  • Zotero saves to the selected collection. If that's not happening to you, something is wrong.
  • Oh, sorry, I misread your post. You're saying that you want to save to a collection other than the selected one?
  • Yes, exactly. Maybe I was not clear.
  • I don't know that Firefox's implementation would really be the best one for us—for one thing, the bookmark icon has an on/off state, whereas the Zotero save icon doesn't. This also isn't really necessary for the most common Zotero usage, with Zotero in a pane at the bottom of the window, which is why it's never happened. But now that we have a tab mode and Zotero Standalone something like this might be worth considering.
  • There's a drop-down menu accessible via right-click, but that gives options to save using other translators, and adding the option to save to a collection via each non-default translator would be too complicated. I suppose it could give the option of saving to a particular collection using the primary translator only, though.
  • If there will be progress made on this, please rember the requests concerning RIS and clipboard imports to go to the selected collection and not creating a new one and putting there.
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