Proxies Settings: A Bug, Notes and Questions


working on the German translation, I tested the proxy settings and got some notes/ideas:

In the proxies settings, the variable %d provides the directory path with a leading slash which is contrary to the example in the explanation ("%d - The directory path (e.g., about/)").

As a suggestion, change the explanation strings to the following:

%p - The path of the proxied page (equals "%d/%f", e.g. "about/index.html")
%d - The directory path without the leading slash (e.g., about/)
%f - The filename (e.g., index.html)


* What is the purpose of ""%a - any string"? It returns nothing as I tested it.
* Why is the variable "%h - The hostname of the proxied site (e.g.," only shown if you choose multi-site? In my case, it is necessary even if I have to proxy only one website.


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