Advanced search not working: Can't find item that's right in front of my eyes!

I am using Zotero 3.0.3 under Firefox 11.0. I have found that this Advanced Search function to be quite disappointing - it simply doesn't find items. Here's an example of the ultimate failure - I highlight a collection, look right at the contents. Then I click on the magnifier (Advanced Search), select "Creator", put in the author name, select to include subfolder (why not), then click on search and nothing returns. What am I missing?
  • For me the advanced search works just fine. If you provide more details (e.g. what author are you trying to find), then it is possible to give a better answer.
  • Okay, I think I have found one critical factor -- the advanced search would only find items in my library, not the group libraries I created and sync to. I didn't know that there is a distinction there. Upon further search into the forum I see unsaved search has not been implemented. Needless to say this feature is essential to people like me who have most items stored and shared in group libraries.
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