can only upload 1-~9 files at the time to webdav before 409 error

The Debug ID is D981206321

error message: Unexpected file upload status 409 in Zotero.Sync.Storage.WebDAV._onUploadComplete()

This is not, as by others, the file limit error on the webdav server, I can add files and use, not my drive.

Each file upload, crashes after 1-10 files with a 409 error from the webdav server. I have this issue with the new standalone zotero, while on another pc, using same webdav but older zotero, I do not seem to have any problems. It is also of course possible that this has to do with a specific file that was added on the new setup. Any instructions for debugging this will be appreciated.
  • This is an error from your WebDAV provider. We can't help you with it. You'll need to ask them the reasons they return a 409 Conflict. Other users have reported 409s from Box before.
  • Just for reference if other run into this: has a 25 mB filesize limit. I had an pdf attachment that went over the 25 mB.
    I removed the attachment, emptied the trash and could upload again just fine.

    I just want to take the opportunity to thank you guys. Zotero is a very important tool for me. The new features, including the chrome plugin, are really nice!
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