Rename File from Parent Metadata fails silently over capitalization

The Rename File from Parent Metadata function fails silently when the only change to the filename would be capitalization.

LAWRANCE - 2005 - Bankoe V. Dome Traditions and Petitions in the Ho.pdf

Common enough case: you grab a record + PDF from, say, Cambridge Journals. Author name is in all caps, so Zotero's autorename also has the author name in all caps in the PDF filename (but you don't see this because of the confusing distinction between Attachment Name and Attachment label). You fix the author name in the record. Then you try to Rename File from Parent Metadata. It does nothing, presumably because the filename checking is done without regard for case.

Expected behaviour: it should rename the PDF to

Lawrance - 2005 - Bankoe V. Dome Traditions and Petitions in the Ho.pdf

By the way, I know some will say this is ultimately a translator problem that should be fixed. I agree that that problem should be fixed, but for all the autorenamed PDFs that already exist in our libraries, the rename from metadata function should be able to do its work.
  • Are you on a Mac? Seems like something arising from HFS+ being case-insensitive. Not that Zotero couldn't special-case this, but it's a bit messier.
  • Case-insensitive filesystem is definitely contributing here, at least in my reproduction of it. Mozilla's file.exists() check returns true even if the filenames differ by case. I'm fixing now.
  • Should be fixed in the latest 3.0 dev XPI.
  • I am on Windows 7, have also noticed it on Windows XP.
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