Nitpick about basic search options

In Zotero Standalone 3.0.3, the basic search offers three options:

"Title, Creator, Year"
"All Fields & Tags"

It seems that "All Fields & Tags" also searches note content. I also don't think that the distinction between "All Fields & Tags" and "Everything" is very obvious.

If "All Fields & Tags" should indeed cover notes, can it be renamed to "All Fields & Tags, Notes"? And to clarify what "Everything" means, could this option be renamed to something like "All Fields & Tags, Notes, Indexed PDFs"? (this would also provide a hint that just having PDFs in your library doesn't make them searchable, but that you have to activate indexing by installing the PDF tools)
  • Also, while the wiki currently uses the term "basic search", isn't "quick search" preferred? (I personally prefer the latter, which also has been used in the changelog)
  • The main problem with more descriptive labels is the limited size of the search bar. "All Fields & Tags, Notes, Indexed PDFs" is way too long. It's possible we could display longer descriptions in the drop-down menu, though (or at least as tooltips for the menu items).

    And yes, "quick search" is the term we use.
  • Ah, I forgot that the selected quick search option is shown in grey in the search bar itself. How about (dropdown menu options in parentheses):

    Title/Creator/Year (Title, Creator, Year)
    Fields/Tags/Notes (All Fields, Tags, Notes)
    Fields/Tags/Notes/PDFs (All Fields, Tags, Notes, Indexed PDFs)

    The last option is just two characters longer than

    Title, Creator, Year
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