Zotero displays from hdd imported html sites wrong

When I save a whole HTML site from from heise (e.g. http://www.heise.de/tp/druck/mb/artikel/36/36575/1.html) within firefox to hard disk, reopen it from hdd, make a snapshot to import it into the database, and reopen it from the database, the site background is black. When I say Zotero should show me the html file in its database and open it, its displayed as it should. So why is the file displayed wrong when open it from within the zotero db?

OS: WinXP x86
Zotero and Firefox have the current versions.

EDIT: Ok, the problem seems to be when there are umlauts in the html filename.
  • Isn't that an important bug. I someone working this or at least recognized it? Should it post it somewhere else?
  • Posting here is fine - my understanding is that the webdump code that Zotero uses for snapshots is a bit old and something like that can occasionally happen - there are medium term goals to replace or update the code, but until then, it doesn't sound like something like this is worth the effort to troubleshoot and fix in detail - it's pretty rare _and_ has a workaround.
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